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Post by Smedley on Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:16 pm

Here is some information about the server:

- Max level 65
- All clients supported. UF client is reccomended as not everything works on titanium (look on for HoT EQEmu)
- All content tuned for solo play up through Planes of Power
- PoP content is much harder but should still be able to solo most of it
- Experience is turned up. Especially if you group.
- Brad McQuaid will help you with utilities such as spells and tomes
- Starting gear is nothing to write home about, go get your own!
- Translocator (Brad volunteered again) to all zones if you go there manually one time.
- Gate charm for everyone
- No experience loss until 65 and no corpses
- Boxing is allowed, but why would you want to?
- Backup every hour or so.. you may notice a lag spike Twisted Evil


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