Locked Doors & ChardokB & Gemcutter

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Locked Doors & ChardokB & Gemcutter Empty Locked Doors & ChardokB & Gemcutter

Post by blurman2000 on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:43 pm

Hey Admin,

I thought I just post some thoughts on a few things I came across.

Firstly is locked doors that only require a Rogue to open (no NPCs drop or provide the key).
I wanted to go to the Undead side of Sebilis but was unable to cause the Crypt door requires a Rogue.

I also foresee this problem in Ssra Temple where there is a specific door to some bosses where no key is available unless a Rogue opens it.

My suggestion is, would it be possible to "unlock" the doors for both of these zones?
It'll greatly help since I've yet to see a Rogue on the server....

Secondly, I tried zoning into ChardokB (The Halls of Betrayal) from ChardokA to do some quests there:

However, upon clicking the zone lever, I was ported back to the ChardokA zoneline saying that Inter-planar travel wasn't allowed/not ready for it or something around that line.

Brad the Zone Porter doesn't seem to have it on the list to port too.
What's up with that? The zone is off limits? Something there that's a secret? Hehehehe...

3rdly, I was trying to do the following quest:

But it requires this item:

Which can only be tinkered by a Gnome.
I'm not a Gnome and surprisingly, I don't see any Gnomes around too....
Anyway that you can help? I was thinking of a Merchant to sell these stuff since Tinkering isn't really a viable option on the server.

Anyway, thanks for your time in reading.
Awaiting your response as soon as you can!

Some Ranger who loves doing quests....


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