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Most recent server fixes. Empty Most recent server fixes.

Post by Smedley on Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:51 pm


- fixed timers on rathe council, coirnav, poair avatars, hoha trials. some of these were set for 5 days. my apologies. keep in mind, they are still not on an hour respawn with the exception of hoha trials
- fixed other timers on non-pop named mobs.


- Reduced global spawn timers. Planes of Power should have the longest ones, but they should be pretty darn quick now to accommodate the new influx of players.
- Brad now will also give 200 meditate skill when you go to scribe your spells.


- Further fixes to hoha trials. should be working now and much more soloable
- Veeshan's peak was spawning 2 versions of the new dragons. one of them was a really gimp version that dropped the revamped loot. I nuked the gimped dragons and retuned the revamped ones. They were a bit too hard so I tuned them down a little but they shouldn't be cake. They drop PoP level gear after all.
- Brad will now correctly port to bothunder after you visit it again at least once on your own.
- Old dragons in VP are now snare/rootable. New ones are not.
- Dragons in NToV are now snare/rootable.
- Magician and Necromancer pets have been updated.
- Healing spells updated to be more helpful on raids: complete healing, trushar's mending, Tunare's and Karana's Renewal, Daluda's Mending.
- Popular pre-pop zones are now static. All of Planes of Power zones are now also static.
- Verified Plane of Air Mist ring working.
- Fixed spawn timers in a few zones like poeartha and poearthb
- Solusek Ro and Xegony have been leashed to prevent pet pulling. I will remove this when I figure out how to prevent you guys from pulling with pets!


- Found further spawn timer issues affecting most of the npcs in game. fixed!
- Additional zones brad was not porting to are now fixed.
- Adjusted HoH trials Crazy Norrathians and Villagers. Should be more soloable now
- Fixed port to Howling Stones and Dreadlands


- Brad now correctly ports to: bothunder, codecay, hohonora and b, nightmareb, and poair
- Added Doll of Summoning quest to Willamina in PoK by the port in.


- Spawn timers in PoP zones were still fubar, fixed
- Castlen Drewe decided to help out new players by providing them with a way to quickly obtain their epics. Unfortunately, he has gone mad in the process. lol!


- Reduced all spawn timers in game. Nothing takes longer than 12 hours. Enjoy Laughing


- Further reduced global named spawn timers if != planes of power


- *TEST* I've made a few mobs in the world announce their spawns. Let me know what you think
- Brad will now port you to any zone in the game, given that you have visited it the old fashioned way first! (me)
- Mob regen at lower levels adjusted(me)
- Some fast respawns in Veeshan's Peak were fixed. (me)
- Adjusted respawn times for all content under Planes of Power to respawn quicker (me)
- Added 7 dummies in arena for skilling up your melee (me)


- Doll of Summoning recast time reduced to 1 minute (woses)
- Moved all class guildmasters closer to the PoK starting area (woses)
- Updated brad to teach you new languages (woses)
- Created new vendors for starting gear as Brad had a hard time handing it all out (me)
- Made the new starting gear vendors more pleasing to the eye (lightning)
- Multiple fixes to spelling errors introduced by myself and original code (woses)
- Hit points not showing correctly on UF clients (woses)
- blocked off access to zones past Planes of Power (me)

As of 4/7/13:

- Fixed pets to correctly scale hp, hp regen, and dps.
- Fixed mobs that were regening hp way too fast, especially at lower levels
- Fixed Vex Thal zone in point


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